What is Native advertising?

Perceptions of what constitutes the native advertising are as varied as the ads themselves and the places they appear. After some research on the net, the native or native advertising advertising, you can be defined as:
A new form of communication that is built into the actual visual design,

and where the ads are part of the content. Ie include content promoted while respecting the format and style of editorial content. The quality and scalability of native advertising means it is bridging the gap between the publication of display ads.

The difference between display ads and online native advertising is that the latter are in the flow of editorial content. Thus, it is not surprising that the trend of native content is more viral than other online advertising formats, generally shares more.
The native or native advertising advertising is proliferating via social media, content portals, news sites or data exchange services live. Every day we are exposed to this kind of subtle and innovative advertising. Not surprisingly, the increasing investment by major companies according to research by IPG Media Lab:

Consumers looked natives ads 53% more frequently than display ads.
Native ads showed a 18% increase in purchase intent, and 9% more for brand affinity responses compared with display ads.
32% of respondents said the native announcement, “is an ad that would share with a friend or family member,” compared to only 19% of display ads.

Although the term is relatively new, this type of advertising has been practiced for previous years in print and broadcast media such as advertorials and product placement in movies.

Today we see large companies incorporate native advertising as a revenue source, cases like Twitter with tweets promoted or suggested in Facebook posts. Manufacturers and advertisers love this kind of publicity, mainly because click-through rates tend to be much higher than the “conventional” advertising and engagement is usually much stronger. However, not everyone is so enamored with native ads, in particular consumers.

The reason why many consumers feel some rejection by this type of advertising is because they erode the confidence placed in the middle. If a medium with a certain prestige as the BBC publishes a “story” about Virgin in exchange for money, is it objectively in future company native advertising news?
One of the most important platforms natively Native.ad advertising is an ad server that distributes branded editorial content in online media spaces with the same look & feel and the same user experience as the rest of the items of the medium offers in real-time metrics engagement and social amplification.

Before examining some of the best examples of native advertising in the USA, we will look at some of the keys to this type of communication:

The content is the most important to ensure the success of the campaign factor.
It should generate debate among readers and the trends need to stay current.
Engagement, information must draw the attention of users.
The information must be current and timely.
The most important part of any news is the holder of no use having good content if the holder is not attractive.


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